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Do you think it is smart to go into journalism as a major even if I just have a passion for writing about sports?

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So I am currently a junior who is a big sports geek. I love many sports, although I can not play any right now. I currently have a concussion and have had one since March 18, of 2017. The sports I was playing in high school were soccer and basketball. I was a better soccer player than basketball so I stopped playing basketball for my school so I could do travel and just became a manager for basketball, because I still wanted to be around the game. I am fascinated by it and I truly think I have a good understanding of the game. I would write about different sports broadly, but basketball would be the one that I feel like I could excel at particularly. I have been the boys varsity basketball manager the past two years and I watch basketball in my free time to keep enhancing my knowledge on the game and it's something I love to do. Overall, I am positive that this is a passion of mine, but I know this is a very specific field I want to be in and I would appreciate any input that you have for me. Thank you. #analysis #basketball

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Yes, I think journalism could be a great major for someone with your passion. One of the most important skills/talents you can come out of college with is a strong ability to write. It doesn't really matter if you are writing about basketball or history or science -- strong writing is a skill that you will be able to apply no matter what job or profession you end up in. I also encourage you to take your specific passion (i.e., sports) and extend it so that can place it into a broader context (cultural studies, for example). In short, there are a number of ways to translate your specific passion into broader fields of study and tangible employable skills. If you really do end up being a sports writer, great; if not, you will have used this passion to find other opportunities.