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Mundo Mar 06, 2019 425 views

Technology is evolving and how can those who don't have technology progres with us.?

What can be done to help all citizens progress with technology? #tech

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Mundo Mar 05, 2019 479 views

Through the present-day tech, how can its benefits produce over time to everyday lifestyle and still keep its usage viable?

Computers for example we know how its usage can still be viable to everyday life though there will be a time where its usefulness will come to an end. Not everyone uses this technology so that creates a divide and also create a advantage/disadvantage for both the users and non-users.

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Mundo Dec 10, 2018 504 views

Is this website beneficial to my future?

I am using this for class because they think that this would help us find careers, but most of know how dim our teachers is and they just basically found anything that has "career" in the title. So is this a good a website to help my class #chs