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Sahuarita, Arizona
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Caden Dec 12, 2018 753 views

How fulfilling has your career been?

Is this a career that you enjoy doing? What are some of the things you didn't know you'd be doing coming into this career? #career #firefighter

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Caden Dec 12, 2018 651 views

How much can soeone make starting off in this career?

What is the median pay for firefighting? What are some things that factor in o the different compensation you receive? #career #firefighter

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Caden Dec 12, 2018 871 views

What does your day to day life as a firefighter consist of?

I know that firefighters put out fires, and help save lives. What kinds of things do you do when there are no fires, and what kinds of emergencies or fires do you respond to? All that I usually hear about is house fires. #career #firefighter #forest firefighter