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With a communications degree ho many opportunities do I have

Asked Bowie, Maryland

My major is communications and I'm only a freshman. Im asking what my career opportunities would look like if i continue to pursue this major. #communications

2 answers

Alexandra’s Answer

Updated Minneapolis, Minnesota

SO MANY! Seriously, there are so many different jobs you can get with a communication degree. I’m graduating this year, and it’s amazing to me all the different things I can do in this field. Public relations, marketing, crisis communication, writing/editing, Human Resources, journalism, technical writing, and more! My suggestion would be to start by taking a few courses focusing on various focuses, or do informational interviews with people who work in various roles you might be interested in, and then work on focusing your coursework in that particular area. For example, my college offers “emphasis” options within the communication department, so you may want to check if yours does also and then decide which one you’d like best. You can also reach out to your advisor with career or coursework questions. Best of luck!

Kristie’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California

Unlimited! A strong background in communications is a great foundation for almost any job you could imagine and is an invaluable skillset to have professionally and personally. While almost no job is off limits, some natural fits would be: Marketing, PR, Executive Communications, Internal Communications, Speech Writing, Technical Writing, Digital/Social Media.

Kristie recommends the following next steps:

  • Communications is a broad profession. Network with other communicators and ask for informational interviews to get an idea of what “flavor” of communications piques your interest.