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What job can you get with a communications major?

Asked San Jose, California

I am currently a junior in high school. I am not sure what career I was to purse but majoring in communications is one of my current paths I am willing to take but I am not sure what position I would get if i were to have a job. #jobs #communications

7 answers

Suzy’s Answer

Updated Omaha, Nebraska

Hi Jocelyn,

Your options are fairly open with communications as a major. Many companies look for candidates with strong speaking/writing skills. You could go into marketing, public relations, human resources and client account management. As a communications major, you should explore fine-tuning your interests by selecting a few different internships so you can find which area you want to pursue.

I hope this helps!

Muhammad Anwar’s Answer

Updated Singapore

Hi Jocelyn,

There is a lot of career opportunity for those who has a communications major. You can venture into journalism, marketing, advertising, public relations. I've found this website that will give you some other ideas of what type of roles a typical communications graduate can consider: http://web.olivetcollege.edu/careerdev/communication.htm . As you can see, there are a lot of career paths you can consider! If you are not sure of what you want to do, I'd recommend doing an internship program and get to know the environment and what goes on in the life of a full time journalist or pr professional. That should give you a more better understanding of what the role requirements are and you can see for yourself if that is something you see yourself doing in the future. All the best!

Molly Brown’s Answer

Updated Sunnyvale, California

I am a fellow Communication major and my first job was as a Communication Specialist at a Credit Union. I loved this job and had no idea what Credit Unions were before I worked at one. It was quite rewarding as it was a non-profit. The work I did ranged from web design, campaigns and collateral, special events, newsletters and reports, logo wear and more. I remember being frustrated when I was entering the workforce because no one had mentioned that "Industry" matters. When people are interviewing you they want to know that you understand their industry, not just their function (Communication).

Mia’s Answer

Updated Chester, Virginia

Hi Jocelyn Some of the careers you can have in communications are:

Web, radio, tv, newspapers, publishing, editing, film, and writing.

Hope this helps.

Jamee Lynn’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Communications was my major in college. It's led to a number of opportunities in health care, government, technology and global business.

I started my career focused on media relations. Along the way I found I was passionate about employee communications. My jobs have all included strategic creativity in some form but the channels have ranged from web to video to speeches and town halls.

I love the variety of my job and there's more options than ever in Communications.

Julie’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Jocelyn,

Communications was my major in college, and It led to a career in advertising/media. I'm happy I chose it, and it's led me to where I am now. Some of my classmates pursued opportunities on the technical side vs. business or sales, in areas like lighting, camera work. digital operations and production and design.

Wishing you the best luck! Julie

Lisa’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

Hi, Jocelyn -

I'm a Director of Awareness and Change Management at Symantec, which is heavily focused on driving the communications strategy for our Global Sales Community. The skills, insight and knowledge you acquire through the achievement of a Communications degree will likely make you a desirable candidate for a number of career opportunities - business communications, change management strategist, editor, writer, blogger, web designer, event coordinator, announcer, public relations and more. Educational background in communications will open many doors for you! Best of luck!