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Indra K. Oct 22, 2013 8595 views

Was it hard to have a job during college?

I want to go to a four year college in Boston, and I think I am going to need to work during college. I will have some scholarships and maybe loans but I heard that they don't pay for books or food. For people who worked during college, was it hard? What did you do for your job and how did you...

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Jocelyn Q. Mar 05, 2014 1385 views

What job can you get with a communications major?

I am currently a junior in high school. I am not sure what career I was to purse but majoring in communications is one of my current paths I am willing to take but I am not sure what position I would get if i were to have a job. #jobs...


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Prithvi A. Mar 14, 2014 2205 views

What are the most important aspects of a resume?

I've recently made my resume for future opportunities and I was wondering, what are the most important parts. Other than experience, education, and interests, what should I include to make my resume...

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Matt G. Apr 29, 2014 1407 views

Should I go to collage? What are some advantages? What are some disadvantages

I am really interested in this question because I want to know weather or not I should spend 4 or so years in a collage or should I just get started on my life. #career #school #job #work...


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Maeve K. Apr 29, 2014 1054 views

What should you do over the summer when you are in college?

What are your suggestions for summers during your college years. Should you look for a job or find an internship. #job...