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How can I have more faith in my dreams than my fears?

I want to be the best in my field that I can be, but I am struggling to see if my goals are unrealistic an crazy or something in my reach. #career #career-counseling #career-development #confidence

Margaret, the short answer is to align yourself with success. Read about successful people. Associate with successful people. Find successful mentors. In doing so you will soon see that many successful people have had the same fears as you, and through perseverance, have worked to achieve their dreams. An excellent book is Napoleon Hill's, Think and Grow Rich. Find successful mentors through informational interviews. You are the five people that you are closest to - associate with overachievers. Best of luck, Gerard Gerard Baltrusaitis

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4 answers

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Deirdre K.’s Answer


Often our fears are an internal voice that serves to hold us back from our dreams. Here are some basic things that you can do: 1. Recognize that voice and what triggers it. Acknowledge that it may be False Evidence Appearing Real. 2. Call out the falsehood. "This is a falsehood my fear wants me to believe." 3. Remind yourself of the truth of the situation. Tell yourself "this is not true. I CAN do it; I AM smart enough. I WILL be successful, etc. " Get it? :-)

Then USE that fear to spur you on toward your dream. Don't quit! Establish a plan with realistic small steps that move you toward your goal, and implement that plan.

Good luck, Margaret. You CAN achieve your dreams!

Deirdre K. recommends the following next steps:

Recognize that voice and what triggers it. Acknowledge that it may be False Evidence Appearing Real.
Call out the falsehood. "This is a falsehood my fear wants me to believe."
Remind yourself of the truth of the situation. Tell yourself "this is not true. I CAN do it; I AM smart enough. I WILL be successful, etc. "

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Sheryl’s Answer

"She turned her can't into cans and her dreams into plans".

Hi Margaret,

Most of us have the same fears that you have and many times we listen to those fears, when they may not even be likely to come true. If you have a fear, think "What is the worst that can happen?" Then take that fear, and think of solutions to move around or beyond that feared outcome.

Dreams are much more fun to plan! Keep focused on those dreams and just keep moving forward. If it's worth doing, it's worth the effort.

Sheryl recommends the following next steps:

Try a "but" ladder. Write your dream at the top of the ladder on a sheet of paper ("I want to...."). Start writing your "buts" ("but I don't know how to....") down on the rungs of the ladder until you run out of "buts". Your "buts" are the things you believe are reasons that you cannot accomplish your dream. Next, start with solutions for every "but" to knock them off the ladder. If you can't find ways around a "but", get someone to help you do it because there is a solution to nearly every problem.

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Col Sen’s Answer

Hello Margaret,

Greetings! I have a small tip to share, if you feel it's of help please revert back with your experience. It may take time, but its worth the wait.

I would start with one interaction with my daughter yesterday. We were talking about a big dream (of her's). She is apprehensive to share that big dream, if that does not happen, people may laugh, so she wasn't sure whether to share or not!

I quoted of Paulo Coelho , author of the famous book "The Alchemist". He says that when you have a noble intent (to do something), whole cosmos 'conspires' to make it happen! Mind his words....whole cosmos or universe joins hands to make it happen.... very 2 strong motivating lines. So we discussed further of another book called " The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne wherein it says that whatever you want/make a wish, it is granted by the nature (remember E=mc x c , famous equation of Einstein) , significance of this equation has been illustrated in this book and it goes onto prove that every Mass (material) can be converted into energy and vice versa, which is well established. So, if your energy is focussed, channelised in proper direction, it is bound to come back to you in the form of matter, because whatever we got till date has come from the nature. Mother nature doesn't deprive you, if you believe very strongly and be prepared to receive the same as gift of the nature.

It happens my dear! I have seen it happening in my life. I promised to one of my seniors in 1988 that I shall qualify a competitive examination in 1998. When I did that promise, little did I know that whole cosmos would conspire to make it happen in 1998 only, not before- not after, even if I tried to pre-pone it by three years, nature made sure that I could appear in that exam in 1998, only chance left to do, and wish was granted. Of course, I had been working for the same silently, but look at the timings! Was it a fluke or was there something more that meets the eye! I will leave it to your judgment but it's my FAITH that has been proved!

So coming to your question of have tremendous faith in yourself because you are the special one who has been destined to make it. Swami Vivekanada said:

FAITH! FAITH! FAITH! in yourself !

Then FAITH! FAITH! in God!

Please note Faith in yourself (3 times) and have Faith (2 times) in God/nature, so it is important to have faith in yourself first. Failures will come and go, do you know anyone who never failed? Ask each and every climber of Mt. Everest : have they made it without a failure? Answer will be "Yes, I failed many a times but I conquered my fears as well as failures". So don't be unduly worried about failures. Dream BIG....BIGGER and if possible BIGGEST! You will see it's coming! All the very Best!

Col Sen recommends the following next steps:

Read : The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam

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Ann’s Answer

Hi Margaret,

There are some great answers here already. I am proud of you for admitting your fears. The truth is we all have them, but you will find the right job for you. I went to school for business and ended up in higher education. I love working in higher education, but I never would have picked it as a major. I am also starting my own business now. What I am telling you is that your life isn't a straight trajectory after college. Your degree, skills, personality and passions will all lead you to a vast options, and if you don't like one, that doesn't mean you have to stay there forever.

I'm not sure what your dream career is, but I will follow your post. This way if you respond with what you want to do, I can try to give you some insight into how to break into the field. Hope this helps! You've got this!