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If my attendance an performance is great over time could i be subject for a raise?

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I want to know if most jobs give raises. #career #career-development

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Hi Ethan,

Yes, this would absolutely trigger a raise. Each company is different and you should discuss what what the bonus/raise schedule is when you are signing an offer letter to join a company. In my experience, most employees get annual or biannual raises depending on performance and merit. Raises typically involve 2%-10% of your annual salary. Avoid being the employee perpetually asking for raises, but over time if you see that you are being passed over, make sure to bring it up with your supervisor. Hard work creates all success. Good luck!


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Logic would lead one to believe that this is a correct statement, but every organization and what they value, could be different. This question could be addressed though in the interviewing process.

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Hey Ethan! So, from my experience, if you are performing well and you show up to work, you are definitely more likely to get a raise. Unfortunately, each company is different when it comes to raises and compensation. But, to ensure that you are putting yourself in the right position to get a raise, make sure you are performing to the best of your ability and show up to work! :) The best way to get recognized in the work place is to make sure you are vocal to the right people about what you are bringing to the table every day!

This professional recommends the following next steps:

  • I recommend having a monthly meeting with your supervisor to discuss what you have been working on and to make sure you are meeting the expectations put forth by your supervisor.
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