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what are some good collages to attend for occupational therapy ?

I want to become a occupational therapist because i like helping people and i want to help people to get back to there daily life. I also went on a job shadow and i shadow a lady that was occupational therapy that was help people and she explain what a occupational. #occupational-therapy

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3 answers

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Ayeesha’s Answer

An occupational therapy degree can be earned after attending a program at a college that offers degrees in occupational therapy. There are several degree options to consider, depending on the level at which you wish to practice, and there are also some alternative paths that can be pursued, such as online and low residency degree programs. In all cases, the goal of getting a degree in occupational therapy is to prepare for certification and satisfy training requirements.

The most basic occupation therapy degree is an associate's degree, which will allow someone to assist a practicing occupational therapist. Associate's programs take two years, and they can be used to determine whether or not someone is interested in occupational therapy as a career before committing to more lengthy and expensive training. Bachelor's degrees in occupational therapy are also available. Touro University Nevada & Nevada State College, would be great to look at.


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Gary’s Answer



Hi, here are a few links where you can do research on OT schools. Good luck!

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Estelle’s Answer

Any four year university should suffice. You will need to maintain a high GPA and preferably have some job experience prior to applying to OT school.