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If I go to school for four years to become a teacher why does my teaching certificate expire, but other four year degree vocations do not? If the job of teachers are so critical to the rearing and education of future generations ,why is there pay minimal?

I am half way through my teaching degree, and work as a teacher's assistant. I am required to get forty hours of training per school year in order to keep my license. I wonder why I have to do this when other professions do not.

Working with children is hard work, especially if they are considered high risk. With that is critical and hard work, why do not I get paid more?
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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Historically, work that was considered "women's work" was paid lower. It is changing, but, not fast enough. There are people who are very vocal and active in this cause. Perhaps you will be one of them? In the meantime, please think about the arguments you are using. Rather than implying that you should not be held to professional standards because you do not receive professional-level pay, perhaps an argument where you demonstrate exactly how professional you are, and use that to justify why you should get paid more, would work better. I know that it worked for me.

I worked at an Airport Police Department. We were fully licensed police officers, but our employer would not let us do our jobs. Instead, we had to call the higher-paid city police officers to do the more complex matters. It was embarrassing. We demonstrated our professionalism to city leaders, and gained increased responsibilities. We subsequently presented arguments for increased pay - citing not only the jobs we did, but the high turnover rate and lengthy process of hiring and training replacements. You can do the same thing. Or, you can accept the low pay. Or, you can choose a different career path.

Learning the labor negotiations process is not easy, and, it will take some of your personal time. And success comes slowly. If you do choose this path, make sure to spellcheck and proofread everything you put out there. Any small mistake (there/their) will be used against you.

Oh, and many occupations have continuing education requirements. Learning is a lifelong process. It never stops.

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Shelby’s Answer

Hi Amy!
I agree with Kim. In the education profession, teachers should be held accountable for keeping up with teaching standards/practices. However, their pay is much lower, due to old standards. Therefore, instead of asking why we have to do so much to keep up with the profession, it may be better to ask why we aren't compensated fairly. Many people say they go into the profession, not for the money, but for the people who put so much time, effort , and dedication into it , it is simply unfair. Teachers should be able to make a good livelihood. It's a much tougher job than many imagine. In recent years, people have pushed for higher wages, and while it is happening infuriatingly slow, there has been changes. Maybe try and attend some sort of rally or protest, sign petitions, or go to your local government with other teachers! Hope this advice helps!