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Career Questions tagged Salary Review

Amy W.’s Avatar
Amy W. Apr 06, 2018 184 views

If I go to school for four years to become a teacher why does my teaching certificate expire, but other four year degree vocations do not? If the job of teachers are so critical to the rearing and education of future generations ,why is there pay minimal?

I am half way through my teaching degree, and work as a teacher's assistant. I am required to get forty hours of training per school year in order to keep my license. I wonder why I have to do this when other professions do not. Working with children is hard work, especially if they are...

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Jessica M.’s Avatar
Jessica M. May 12, 2016 565 views

What state offers the best benefits for teachers?

Here in NC the teachers are not payed well and are quickly loosing other benefits. NC is currently listed as one of the lowest states for teacher pay and I was wondering if the contenders at the top of the list are true or not. I must complete two years of teaching in NC before I can move but I...

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Anthony W.’s Avatar
Anthony W. May 20, 2016 908 views

What is the salary for a Graphic Designer ranging from entry level to having years with experience?

Graphic Design is something I'd love to work in as a career because I enjoy it. It doesn't seem like a boring job I would hate going to everyday. Although I like working in Graphic Design, I'm curious about the pay. At the end of the day I need money to pay bills and sustain a stable lifestyle....

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