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Does obtaining minors to your degree benefit you financially when getting a job ?

Im asking this question because schooling is very expensive , especially for nursing , and I want to know that with me minorin in something useful to my major the job I get will be able to help me pay off my loans. nursing

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1 answer

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Luke’s Answer

Hi Jasmine,

This is as difficult question to answer given I'm not in the medical field, but coming from a business-background I noticed that minors are nice to see from employers though they are not necessarily "difference makers" for an applicant. If you want to pursue your interest in something to receive a minor that's great, but if it's a financial strain to make it happen maybe it might be worthwhile to consider alternatives. As an example, I know of several people who did a 2 month+ volunteer medical program in foreign countries in the hopes that it might provide an interested factor in the recruiting process. If you have an interest and can find a program that matches it, this might be a way to save money while still bulking up your resume as you pursue your career. Hope this helps!