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What would be more effective, teaching high school or elemantry school?

I am in high school in 9th grade and I love children. #teacher #principal

Hi Jaymes, It depends if you have a very specific class/ subject you want to teach if you choose to go the high school, or elementary route in education. Unless you want to become a specialist, an elementary teacher instructs in most of the academic subjects. Elementary students are usually very eager to learn. They tend to learn skills rapidly. The high school students need encouragement, high standards and very clear boundaries from the start. In the high school you need to know more about technology than the students in your classes. Also, you will probably have to write recommendations for colleges. It is up to you. See if you can volunteer in each before you decide. It is good you are thinking about this now! Crystal M.

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3 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

There are a number of ways to handle discipline in the classroom. However, I would suggest a clear system of discipline and track data around how well this system works. If students are not responding well to discipline make sure you are changing your system to correspond with the culture of your classroom. I would suggest finding an incentive system like a lottery/ raffle. Students who are on time, in their seats, ready to learn at the beginning of instruction will get a ticket in the raffle every day then at the end of every week or bi-weekly (whatever works for you) pull a ticket from the raffle and that person will win a small prize (like a pencil, crayons, notebook etc.) In addition to an incentive system to reward good behaviors, you can use a similar discipline system to discourage bad behaviors.

  • Decide what kind of incentive system you want to try, stick to it, and be consistent!
  • Decide on a discipline system , stick to it, and be consistent!
  • Read a book on classroom management.

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi James,

By the fact that you love children, the ideal would be choose to teach in elementary education. Elementary teachers can have an important impact on a child's developmental years in which they are discovering and exploring the world and forming patterns that can affect their futures. Teachers may either work alone or in teams, specializing in a single subject or in a variety of basic subjects.

More information in:

Good Luck!

Thanks for this information, it was well needed. Jaymes B.

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Rachel’s Answer

It's all about preference. Personally, I like teaching higher-level material so secndary education was best for me. However, it's really up to you depending on your preference, goals, and interests. Teaching involves a number of different skills and qualities whether public/private/charter. I would say the most important are:

  1. People skills - being friendly and working well with others. You will need to be personable, caring, kind, friendly, compassionate, and understanding. These qualities make a great teacher. But you also need to be stern and firm in your directions, rules, and discipline
  2. Public speaking - every day in your class you will need to be able to speak and present information to your students, practice speech, and practice fluency of language and talking in front of others
  3. The subject you plan to teach - become a master of the subject you plan to teach, make sure you know as much as possible and learn as much as you can about the subject you plan to teach. Take as many classes as possible in this subject and learn everything you can about it.
  4. Psychology & Human Development - start reading books and research articles on human development and psych. It will be helpful for you to know how people learn at different stages and the best ways to teach them at these stages (depending on stage of development and schema).