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Humanities part time job

Starting September, I'm going to be an #international student in the US, so I'm gonna be studying with a F1 visa and this visa only allows me to work outside of campus in my study field, I'm probably going to major in #humanities (my preferred subjects are #linguistics and #film), what part time job could I take on as a student in that field?

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thomas’s Answer

With film and linguistics what you need is social and technical exposure both of which will help in developing your subject areas. UNAFF is a marketplace for film volunteers and draws experienced Filmmakers and volunteers across America. You can choose to work with UNAFF and be at the center of improving both the film and linguistics side. Besides you can choose to work with a film production company that specializes on social and political affairs. You are on the right path having these two subjects together and I see you contributing a lot to the current and future of the film industry. Keep the spirit and please don't stop.