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What would be a great option for your first job?

Asked Lakeland, Florida

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2 answers

Michael’s Answer


Hi Esmerelda,

I agree with the previous individual, working as a waiter/waitress is great for life experience. You are on a set schedule, it requires people skills, hard work, and you can make decent money doing it. I would really recommend anything that can help develop and hone your customer service skills. This will help you become more well rounded and help prepare you for life in college. Other roles for this include working in retail, a movie theater, grocery store, or front desk assistant. Good luck in your first job, you can't really go wrong!



Sarah’s Answer

Updated Huntington, West Virginia

Hi Esmeralda,

I worked as a Hostess at a local restaurant for my first job. Working in fast food didn't excite me either, however there's nothing wrong with working in fast food! Actually, there are companies such as Taco Bell that help with tuition if you want to stay with the company and further your career. Click here to check it out.

Retail stores can also have great opportunities to enter the workforce.

Good luck!