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How can I teach, but get paid well?

I feel like I am meant to be a teacher but I also feel like I wouldn't be able to grow in my career the way I'd want to. #k-12-education

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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Natalie,

This is actually a bit of a complex question. If you are considering being a grade school teacher, there is a pathway to being paid a higher wage but it may not happen for some time. Although they make good livings and the job is extremely worthwhile, teachers are highly underpaid. However, if you want to continue to seek higher education, such as teaching high school and eventually moving into being a professor, those avenues are available to you and will pay a higher wage. Additionally you could move into a profession that allows for research and you can teach at local universities on the side to give your knowledge.

On a personal story, my uncle taught high school for several years, went back and got his Master's and then became the principal of the high school I attended, significantly increasing his salary. So, continue to educate yourself, have the ambition to keep moving up and there will be opportunities for financial gain awarded to you.



This comment is very insightful! T. Laure'nTony Hubbard

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Shelby’s Answer

There are 2 ways I know to earn a higher salary in the educational field:

1) Going to conferences/conventions that host new and effective teaching ideologies, strategies, and practices will sometimes be recognized by your school. This can either give you a bonus or a raise in yearly salary, if your teaching style improves somehow.

2) If you plan to go into education after earning your B.A. degree, you can see if your school will fund you to get a higher degree. In this sense, you will not only be paying a reduced/free price to continue your education, but you will also earn more from having a higher degree.

Hope these suggestions help!