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What are some good techniques for writing scholarship essays?

I am a sophomore in High School and I need some help writing my scholarship essays. What tips and tricks do you all have?

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1 answer

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Arianna’s Answer

Hello Noelle,

Great question! Once you have decided on a scholarship(s) read the scholarship question carefully making sure you understand what they are asking for. Think about what you are asked to write about, and begin to organize your thoughts. A good way to do this is to free write. Basically this just means to write your ideas down. There is no order or clear structure yet. After you are done review what you have written and begin to form an outline. In the outline you will organize your thoughts and really map out what it is you are going to say. Now that you have a map to what you want to write about begin to write. Elaborate on the things that you wrote down on your outline making sure that you don't go off topic and that it is concise. Remember to use proper grammar, and check your spelling. When you are finished writing read the question again and then read your essay. Ask yourself "Am I answering the question I am being asked?" If you are satisfied with your essay have someone read it over to give you input and to check for grammatical and spelling errors. I would suggest to have it proof read by more than one person. Once you have made your final edits and you are pleased with what you have you can submit it.

Good Luck!