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Lubna Aug 15, 2018 629 views

What are some tips of good time management practices?

#time-management #studytime

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Melissa Jan 08, 2017 1326 views

Should I do a double major in Criminal Justice & Anthropology?

Hi I'm starting college in a few weeks and i' m
Interested in the fields of Anthropology and Criminal Justice.

I was wouldn't if it's a good Idea to do a Double major for the both of them?

Lol Maybe I should reword this better? #college #criminal-justice #college-major #anthropology

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Ashlyn May 31, 2018 542 views

What is the best way to accumulate money for college in a short period of time?

Due to family crisis, I am unable to pay for my upcoming school year at my university. It's getting to the point where I may have to unenroll from my university and take a gap year. I'm in love with my university and all the opportunities I have been awarded. I am unable to file for grants...

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Reid Jan 03, 2018 627 views

If I want to be a psychologist, what college courses should I take?

I am really interested in how the #human brain works. I would love to pursue a job that works with people and helps them understand how they are thinking. Being a #psychologist would be my dream job.

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Nata May 01, 2018 1001 views

What should I do? Need your advice

I was accepted to a few Colleges that I really like, but Financial aid didn't cover the full cost. My financial situation isn't great. What should I do? #college #financial-services #financial-aid

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Samantha Apr 27, 2018 370 views

Do internships help me get into the industry?

I want to study Acting for film, television, and commercial. I want to know if internships are a strategic way to gain connections. #Womeninfilm

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Brittany Jan 21, 2018 595 views

Best way to be successful in online classes?

As a current online only student you are required to be self disciplined and highly motivated. However is there any other tips for success that anyone has particularly in regards to balancing your family life, work, and school?
#online-learning #work-life-balance

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Mahpara Apr 27, 2018 511 views

Will the stress I have now accompany my future?

I feel like my life is under pressure right now and there is no way out of the circumstances I'm in. I'm stressed right now due to studies and work and I'm hoping I'm not so stressed in the future. #stress

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Noelle Apr 19, 2018 412 views

What are some good techniques for writing scholarship essays?

I am a sophomore in High School and I need some help writing my scholarship essays. What tips and tricks do you all have?

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Courtney May 17, 2016 723 views

Should I forget about pursuing an associates degree in nursing and go ahead and work on a bachelors degree?

I have heard that hospitals are pushing towards having nurses with bachelors degrees instead of associates. #doctor #professor #nurse #higher-education #colleg

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Taylor Mar 27, 2018 757 views

Where can a degree in anthropology take me?

Anthropology is a way to connect the cultures of the past and future. People warn me of majoring in anthropology because of the limited jobs available . #college-major #anthropology #cultural-anthropology #usfsp

Deidra’s Avatar
Deidra Jan 17, 2018 511 views

What are some trustworthy scholarship websites for students that are already in college can apply to?

I am constantly looking for different scholarships sites for me to use but I've noticed many are exclusively for high school/ incoming freshman college students. #scholarships #scholarshipwebsites #college-scholarships #alreadyincollege

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Paige Feb 22, 2017 944 views

How many classes can you take in every semester of college in your freshmen year?

I would like to be prepared before I go to college. #college #semester-system #academic-advising #higher-education #picking-classes

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Jackie Jan 21, 2017 637 views

What graduate school should I attend?

Are there any resources which allow you to search grad schools by program and location? #college #graduate-school #resources

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Bella May 24, 2016 649 views

Which should you prioritize, college at-home-ness, or tuition cost?

Like your dream, kinda expensive college, or one that's more affordable but you don't feel very t-home at. #college #finance #higher-education