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Will the stress I have now accompany my future?

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I feel like my life is under pressure right now and there is no way out of the circumstances I'm in. I'm stressed right now due to studies and work and I'm hoping I'm not so stressed in the future. #stress

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Kim’s Answer



In time, there are certain things that will become "second nature," and you won't even think about them. Me? I cannot think about hosting a dinner or packing for a trip without a list. I make lists for everything! I have one saved to the computer for packing to go to the hospital (yes, I go to the hospital too much!) However, a friend of mine can pack a suitcase without a list. Wow!! But, she travels a lot. So, there are things you will get really good at, given time.

I have two concerns. One, what career path are you pursuing? Some jobs can be very stressful. It could be production, or sales, because the quotas are too high, or law, because of everything involved in handling a case. This is something to keep in mind as you try to plan your future.

Secondly, you used some words that are potentially alarming. "No way out" is a phrase sometimes used by people who develop severe mental health issues. It is not a good feeling to have. If you are not able to get this under control by yourself using various stress-management techniques, such as exercise or meditation, then please, please, please, seek professional help! Talk to a counselor! Life does get better, but sometimes we need a little help navigating the rough spots!

Okay, I just read your other question. You will not be happy if you live your life trying to make someone else happy. Please, talk to a school counselor. There are also community counseling services available. One that comes to mind is the Jewish Family Services of San Antonio.


You may also have counseling available through your medical insurance.

Here are the San Antonio suicide prevention numbers. Alternatively, simply call 9-1-1 should you need to!

Serving Bexar County

Crisis Line

The Center for Health Care Services

24 hours / 7 days

(210) 223-7233 (SAFE)


Please let us know how you are doing, and ask more questions if we can help you.



Arianna’s Answer


Hello Mahpara,

A very good question. You will experience various degrees of stress throughout your life. Will it always feel overwhelming, no. The key is to learn how to manage your stress and how to manage your time. My time in college taught me how to juggle work, school, and other responsibilities. I learned that I needed to manage my time. In my situation, I learned that a full course load and working was taking a toll for me. So I tried lighting the load and that was a tremendous help. I started to plan when I would do my readings and when I would work on my papers for my classes. Once I developed a schedule I was able to go back to taking a full course load. After college I was able to apply this method of time management to my everyday life. I am able to juggle the various responsibilities of work, home, and personal. Along the way I also learned how to manage my stress. I found that is is very important to take time to replenish from the day, whether it be by meditating, exercising , reading, or listening to music.

All the best,


Arianna recommends the following next steps:

  • Create a schedule for yourself.
  • Take time to replenish from the day.