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What habits/routines did you keep up in college that helped you stay stress free?

Asked Cambridge, New York

I know college has lots of stresses, and would love to be able to minimize the stress I have during college so I can focus on my studies. #stress

3 answers

Judith-Ann’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

Went to all my classes on time, did my homework on time, ate regularly, and slept on schedule. Took time to be with friends and laugh. Being prepared eliminates stress from class. Being with friends that enjoy laughing and talking without imbibing kept me balanced. I notice a lot of people would get drunk regularly and they were the ones most stressed. Avoid mind altering drugs even on the weekends.

Caroline’s Answer

Hi Madison, I found that I beat stress best by first focusing on being successful in the classroom; showing up on time, passing in assignments on time and not skipping class. From there, surround yourself with positive, like-minded people - they will be by your side and help motivate you to be successful. And of course, find the time to have fun with your friends and enjoy being in the moment!

Jennifer’s Answer


What makes you happy? What are your hobbies? Think about that when exploring what activities will be enjoyable for you as a stress reliever. For myself, cooking, painting, and exercising with a great playlist has always been very therapeutic for myself in times of stress.