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Nana Ama May 30 271 views

Is there a point where medicine and coding meet?

What jobs combine medicine and computer-science?

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Anel Jun 12 167 views

How to choose right company to job shadow

I want to use my Gap year to volunteer/job shadow at a tech business before going to college. How do I know I chose the right one to shadow.

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Ossama Aug 05 132 views

Remote data internships ?

how can I find remote internships for machine learning/ data engineering roles? knowing that :
I live in Morocco.
I pursue a data engineering degree

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Aug 10 166 views

What is the best associates degree to get before getting a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity?

Both my younger brother and sister want to earn their associate's degree in cybersecurity, However, I'm concerned that they will be unable to find jobs after graduating with only their associate's degree. I've researched cybersecurity jobs, and discovered that most, if not all require at least...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 28 111 views

Does working in Cyber Security give you more or less time for your life

Hello my name is Daniel I am a current Cyber Security prospect and would like to know if and how working in Cyber Security has affected your time work-wise and socially. (e.g: work hours/free time)

Any information helps, Thank you for your time.

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Andy Apr 04 211 views

How do I become a Software engineer??

Interested in becoming one, a high school student.

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Dominic Mar 01 193 views

What steps should I take to enter the field of Computer and Information Research - particular tools/programs to learn, courses to take, experiences to have, etc.

I am a 21 year old currently attending career training, and just hoping to get some specialist advice from those in the field. I have familiarity with Google Suite - including Gmail, Drive, Classroom, etc - as well as some familiarity with software debugging and computer technology....

Cooper’s Avatar
Cooper Mar 02 163 views

How do you run python code from your computer to a raspberry PI?

I would love to get into a little bit of robotics coding to build some really cool things! #computer #programming #technology #computer-science

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Brennen Mar 02 217 views

What kind of things should I expect to be doing when entering the computer science field of work?

#computer-science #computer #technology #computer-software #computer-programming

Brennen’s Avatar
Brennen Mar 02 156 views

To experienced people in the computer science industry – Are there any expectations you had about this career path that you have found differed from reality, in both a good or bad way?

#computer-science #technology #computer

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Tyler Mar 03 338 views

what are some of the skills I should learn before starting computer programming?

I am a junior looking to start computer programming and would like know some skill I should learn before starting #computer #computer-science #programming

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Tyler Mar 03 394 views

what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a computer programmer?

I am interested in computers and would like to more about jobs related to computers and the advantages and disadvantages of the jobs #computer #computer-science #programming

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jennel Mar 07 483 views

What are some high paying jobs in the Information Technology field that doesn't include coding?

#computer #technology

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Xiaohui Jan 28 210 views

How to code java and python if my future job is computer programmer?

#computer #programming #technology #computer-science #computer-hardware

Van’s Avatar
Van Jan 28 436 views

what types of programming languages should i learn for an MIS job?

#programming #computer-programming