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Odin Dec 21, 2023 503 views

How do I find what's right for me?

I'm 15 in highschool and I love animals

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mav Dec 23, 2023 820 views

How would I write a good resume?

I don't know how to phrase it

Kelsy’s Avatar
Kelsy Dec 24, 2023 626 views

What college can i get into that studies computer engineering?

Hi i am Kelsy i love computers and want to major in tht but i feel like there is more to it.

Chio’s Avatar
Chio Dec 26, 2023 1448 views

How do I become a toy designer/product design engineer? Where do I start?

About a year back, I was totally confused about my career path, but after some awesome advice, I realized toy design is my true calling. I've been lucky to work on campus, watching and learning from senior design students, which really sparked my imagination and helped me figure out what I love...

Charley’s Avatar
Charley Dec 27, 2023 1073 views

Should I be an architect?

I really want to be an architect but I’ve heard a lot of bad things about it. I really like buildings and designing cool ones but I am debating if I should just chose a different career to do. I am 13 and I enjoy doing art, i like literature, and history but I do not like math or science. I’ve...

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Dec 27, 2023 1884 views

What can I do inorder to achieve my dream career?

Any answer could be of help I'll appreciate

Jhonny’s Avatar
Jhonny Dec 27, 2023 803 views

what institution would be the best fit for me?

Given my current interests, strengths, and educational background, what degree program within this institution do you believe would be the best fit for me?

Misty’s Avatar
Misty Dec 27, 2023 1094 views

How should I decide my career path What career paths pay the most??

I am a 17 year old female who is about to finish highschool. I am almost on my way to college and still don't know what I want to do. Any advice on where to start?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 26, 2023 716 views

There are so many different computer and tech related jobs, how do I know which one I would like and what the difference is?

I was looking for computer and tech related jobs but got lost in how many jobs there were and now i'm really confused on what the difference is in all of them, I want to be a computer software programmer but I cant find much online about it, it always takes me to another job that's similar so...

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Jackson Aug 27, 2023 2010 views

What jobs are if best if you want to work with computers?

I would like to work with computers in the future, but would like to know the jobs that people enjoy the most.

Izzy’s Avatar
Izzy Aug 27, 2023 426 views

Is the Schooling Really Worth It?

Is going through all the schooling and spending all the money worth it for the career you think you want or should you explore many options before doing the whole process? If yes, what is the best way about going about exploring more options?

A'Santi’s Avatar
A'Santi Aug 27, 2023 691 views

What are some internships that can set you up for a job in cyber security?

What are some internships in cyber security that are online (or in the Atlanta metropolitan area). Specifically that offer things for HS freshman.

Russell’s Avatar
Russell Aug 18, 2023 350 views

How do I become get to Software engineer ?

Software Engineer

James’s Avatar
James Aug 20, 2023 348 views

How do I start my career in computer science?

I need help from a professional to get me started.

Provoke’s Avatar
Provoke Aug 21, 2023 498 views

What work are you doing as an electrical engineer, robotics engineer, software engineer, or a mechanical engineer?

Do I need to take any specific classes?
Do I need to learn coding?
What math should I be taking?