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Earl S.’s Avatar
Earl S. May 10, 2015 2444 views

What is a normal day for a software developer?

I want to know a typical day as a software developer. software software-engineering...


Arshad A.’s Avatar
Arshad A. May 13, 2016 721 views

When do you usually start planning your career?

Due to the great competition in the work force there is a necessity to start planning at the beginning years of college. Unfortunately some procrastinate and end up planning at the last minute. This question is important as it gives a gauge on when students usually start their career...

career-planning college careers jobs

Troy P.’s Avatar
Troy P. May 27, 2016 700 views

How do I gain experience for my dream job when my rigorous major keeps taking up all my time?

My name is Troy and I am currently a freshman in College. As of now I am studying engineering because I do love it and feel working as an engineer for a few years might be a good ideal until I can get my feet of the ground with my true passion - film making. However, if possible, I would love...

film guidance-counselor engineering

Jagadish J.’s Avatar
Jagadish J. May 29, 2016 504 views

how to become a architecture?

I dont know what should I want to do after completing my PU. engineer student architect engineering it experts college-teaching...


Cesar R.’s Avatar
Cesar R. Oct 27, 2016 554 views

As an engineer, is there ever an invention or creation that is too big to dream of, and if not then how do you get started on the intimidating journey towards the end goal?

Hello, I am a senior in high school aspiring to become an aerospace engineer in the future, in hopes of changing the world for the better through an engineering background. A dream like this requires some sort of plan and instead of waiting to be in college with all the fancy laboratories and...

aerospace-engineering engineering

Madison S.’s Avatar
Madison S. Aug 16, 2018 425 views

What habits/routines did you keep up in college that helped you stay stress free?

I know college has lots of stresses, and would love to be able to minimize the stress I have during college so I can focus on my studies....


Arianna A.’s Avatar
Arianna A. Jun 19, 2020 447 views

Is it too late to figure out what I want to do if I’m 12

I play tennis,I love shopping and anything related to fashion My dream job is to be a professional spy or detective. fashion...

rachyl B.’s Avatar
rachyl B. Mar 02 185 views

Is it true studying in Europe is better?

I have heard it's cheaper but I know you usually go to college where you can pursue a career. Are there many career opportunities in Europe? If so, what type of career is most needed? Do you end up living there? europe careeroppurtunities studyingabroad livingabbroad careers germany...

greece france switzerland italy sweden uk

Mike F.’s Avatar
Mike F. Mar 04 284 views

Is there any particular way that code should be formatted?

I look at my code sometimes and see that I do things pretty messily, and although I leave notes sometimes I look at the lines I have and dislike the way that they're arranged. Is there a specific way that code "should" be made to look like or is it okay just to leave notes if it works...

tech computer-science programming