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Christine’s Avatar
Christine Nov 28, 2023 307 views

What does career means?

What means career in school? What does we do for careers?

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Nov 28, 2023 349 views

Am not a high school graduate but I want to succeed with my skill and talent how do I go about this in though it hurt me a lot and cause me pain?

How to succeed the ridiculous of life without formal education

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Nov 25, 2023 281 views

College advice!

I need help choosing my career/college and wondering if anyone had any useful advice and/or tips I could use going forward?

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Nov 25, 2023 256 views

What, How, WhyHow is a good college going to make me succeed in life How do I know what is good for me in the future,will this make me successful in the future.??? My?

What, How, WhyHow is a good college going to make me succeed in life. How do I know what is good for me in the future,will this make me successful in the future.???? My

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Nov 23, 2023 400 views

How do I get a job while in college so I can make money on the side?

Preferably a job on-campus. I'm going to LSU. I don't know if I'm going to live in dorms or have my own place but either way I want to make money for myself. I want to get into the workforce early so I can know what it's like.

Brae’s Avatar
Brae Nov 23, 2023 238 views

Why is it hard to get in a class that I want?

I am a junior in high school. I want a career in psychology and before I go to college I want to take the course in school. The counselor know what I want to do but they still manage to put in in classes that I didn’t ask for. Also the class that I want to take are not full.

Jayleen’s Avatar
Jayleen Nov 21, 2023 387 views

Can Being A Psychiatrist Put Your Safety At Risk?

I've been wanting to be a psychiatrist for a while now and I know that they work with people who might be potentially dangerous or might have real thoughts of committing suicide. Is being alone in a room with the person safe?

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Nov 20, 2023 435 views

What are the factors I should be considering when deciding my future career?

I haven't even solidified a major or decided what my "dream job" would be. I've tried these tests that are supposed to link me with jobs but none of them make sense to me.

Ren’s Avatar
Ren Nov 18, 2023 261 views

How do you know where tostart?

How do you know where you should star when career hunting?

Ren’s Avatar
Ren Nov 18, 2023 295 views

Where can I start?

Where to star

Charlotte’s Avatar
Charlotte Nov 11, 2023 265 views

What is some advice for a 13 year old 8th grader who wants to run a bakery?

When I'm older I want to run a bakery, but I don't know where to start. I also really want to be great financially. If a bakery doesn't work put I also LOVEE to help people and put a smile on there face, so a therapist would be ok too, but I also don't know where to start for that one either....

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Nov 10, 2023 243 views

What is the best way to work in a history field and get played well in it?

I am interested in woman’s and queer history and u would like to work in and around that field, what is the best way to go about that and get payed enough because I know a lot of museum and archive work is volunteer but i would like to work in those investments.

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Nov 05, 2023 305 views

What if I don’t like the career I end up choosing at the end of high school.?

What if I don’t like the career I end up choosing at the end of high school.

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Oct 29, 2023 501 views

How can I prepare for a future career in sustainability?

Hello! I'm a first-year college student who is currently applying for internships and taking courses geared toward a career in environmental science or conservation. But, I'm curious about what I can do to better prepare for getting a job post-graduation! Do you have any tips for success?

Yew Kin’s Avatar
Yew Kin Oct 26, 2023 454 views

Advice for someone with a strong passion for the creative industry without being good in Art previously?

I have a very strong inclination towards advertising, graphic design, photography and videography, and other art forms. Yet, I have not obtained the best grades in Art during school.

Does that mean that I am not creative or can't survive in the creative industry?