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Jayleen May 21 200 views

what skills do you find useful in the study of psychology and what are the pros and cons?

i want to study psychology but i know there are a lot of cons to it. for example there’s a lot of years in college and training. I also know that it can mess up your mental health, but what are the pros?

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Jayleen Nov 26, 2023 393 views

What are the negative effects of being a psychiatrist?

Are there any things that some people may regret after becoming a psychiatrist?

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Jayleen Nov 21, 2023 474 views

Can Being A Psychiatrist Put Your Safety At Risk?

I've been wanting to be a psychiatrist for a while now and I know that they work with people who might be potentially dangerous or might have real thoughts of committing suicide. Is being alone in a room with the person safe?