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Joana Jan 16, 2018 698 views

How can I deal with stress?

#stressed #life-balance I'm in my second semester of Junior high and I've been stressed since day one. I work throughout the whole weekend to help my mom around the house, but I barely have enough time to study only weekdays. I barely even have enough time for myself. How can I deal with the...

Royal’s Avatar
Royal Oct 13, 2018 608 views

How to handle life in general

Im too busy with everything going on for college? what to do.

Hadi’s Avatar
Hadi Feb 22, 2017 843 views

What are the most efficient solutions to avoid from the stress in your school time ?

I'm asking as a college student, and sometimes I feel tired of studying. #school #stress

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 15, 2018 343 views

How do I keep my stress down

During school in the winter time, I have incredible amounts of stress because I play basketball. I don't want this to continue. How do I lower my stress? #stressedout

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 23, 2020 545 views

Whats some advice on how to deal with stress?

#medicine #medical #doctor #doctors #high-school #sat #advice #medical-field

Douglas’s Avatar
Douglas Nov 12, 2020 660 views

What is your greatest strengths?

I like being on time, being flexible, patient, and a hard worker, and communicating with co-workers and supervisors. #jobs #time-management #motivation #work

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Aug 16, 2018 712 views

What habits/routines did you keep up in college that helped you stay stress free?

I know college has lots of stresses, and would love to be able to minimize the stress I have during college so I can focus on my studies. #stress

Shameka’s Avatar
Shameka Sep 28, 2017 600 views

How do you relieve stress?

I know that these majors can be very stressful. I just wanted to know a few ways to relieve stress. #obgyn

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 16, 2018 579 views

How do you handle stress?

I get very stressed out especially during exam time. I still haven’t found a way to relieve some of that stress. What are some ways that you do?

Kamryn’s Avatar
Kamryn Mar 14, 2018 638 views

What is the best way to balance the stresses of senior year?

I am beginning to burn out and get stressed. #anxiety

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 13, 2018 1669 views

What are healthy ways to fight stress?

Stress is my personal leading cause for weight gain. Whether it be from work, school, or just being an adult. Any ideas for healthy (not costly or very time consuming) to battle stress. #stress ##adulting #weight-management

Ayen’s Avatar
Ayen Aug 22, 2018 698 views

What are some concrete techniques can college students utilize in order to alleviate stress?

#time-management #stress #therapists #counseling-psychology

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Jan 17, 2018 585 views

How should I incorporate relaxing into my life?

At least from my experience, most people can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially as one gets towards the end of high school, the list of things to do begins to pile up and sometimes I’m not really sure what to do when I actually have time to relax and...

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen May 26, 2018 598 views

What is the most efficient way to study for finals?

Note cards? Practice tests? Studying from the textbook? Are there any resources that you recommend I take a look at that provide great ways to study for certain subjects? #finals #study

KAREN’s Avatar
KAREN Mar 21, 2020 1083 views

How to excel in studies?

#studying-tips #study #studying #college