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What is your greatest strengths?

I like being on time, being flexible, patient, and a hard worker, and communicating with co-workers and supervisors. #jobs #time-management #motivation #work

Thanks again for your question on CareerVillage Douglas. I hope you will continue asking questions in 2021 and seeking advice from others who want to help you succeed. Stay safe and well and best wishes to you as you begin another year. Stay encouraged! Melisa Cameron

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10 answers

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Kimberly’s Answer

Hi! Thank you for your question. For me, one of my greatest strengths has been connecting with others. Whether it was remembering a small detail about them, like their pet's name or their birthday, or talking the individual through a critical situation, people have valued this trait in me. They found me to be a trusting individual.

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Melisa’s Answer


Hello neighbor! (I'm in the NW Suburbs of IL too). Thank you for your question. Sounds like you have a good foundation for strengths needed to be a valuable employee.

You also have some great suggestions and answers already shared here by others.

Everyone has different gifts and talents and I’m fortunate to be on a work team where everyone is supportive and encouraged to share our “superpowers” (or strengths). For me, I feel my strengths are COMPASSION (and willingness to help others), CREATIVITY (coming up with new or different ideas), ORGANIZATION (taking data or details and making sense of them) and NETWORKING (connecting people and resources).

One other thing you might want to consider is asking others what they also think your strengths are. I did this exercise and asked 10 people to share what they think is a strength of mine as well as one area they think is an opportunity or skill I can enhance or add.

It was very helpful and I appreciated the honest feedback from my coworkers, colleagues, friends and even family.

Best wishes to you in your educational and career goals.

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Douglas!

Try to include some actual work skills with these strengths: For example, if you are the go-to person when people are having trouble with Microsoft Excel. You also want to pay attention to the job description and adjust your answer accordingly. If I'm applying to a position where I will be allowed very little independent judgment in problem solving, I don't want to play up my ability to solve problems on my own! As to "communicating with co-workers and supervisors" you might try "Easily get along with everybody from all walks of life" (or whatever words work for you!) Again, really pay attention to the job description, it will give you a lot of ideas!

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Megan’s Answer

I would highly recommend getting the STRENGTHSFINDER 2.0 Book from Gallup. It comes with a code to a quick test that will help you discover and define your unique strengths! After defining your strengths, I would take it a step further and think of a few clear examples that are related to each specific strength. This is a great tool to discuss during interviews as well!

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Stacey’s Answer


I feel the strengths I have are...


I agree with others here a great book for you to read is STRENGTHSFINDER 2.0

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Chayla’s Answer

Hi Douglas –

Great question. Each person has their own set & combination of strengths that make them unique. Mine will differ from yours. That said, it is important that you be able to recognize and identify your strengths as “what are your strengths” is a very common question that gets asked in interviews and in your career as a whole. I’ve been asked that questions at least 100 times and have been to several HR trainings & discussions during my career where companies seek to maximize the strengths of their teams.

There are a few free personality assessments that I would encourage you to take as they will help you understand yourself better and can also help you identify your strengths. They are also very fun and interesting. Most importantly, they may help you better put into words your strengths so that when you are answering that very same question in an interview or some other career related discussion, you will be ready with the answer.


Take care,

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Todd’s Answer

Provide concrete examples to support the strength you are describing. For example, if you are describing yourself as a person that takes ownership. Use an example of a project where you took charge. It could be something where you saw something that you could have let slide but didn’t. Maybe a time when you challenged the status quo to improve a situation.

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Jad’s Answer

I think one of my biggest strengths is my outgoing personality and a genuine desire to get to know the people around me on a deeper level

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Steve’s Answer

I would recommend have the strengths you identify tie to the particular role you are interviewing for (ie: if you are applying for a Project Manager position strengths such as prioritization, being analytically driven, etc are applicable). Also, as mentioned previously, specific/relevant examples of each are beneficial.

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Bill’s Answer

We all have our own strengths. My advice would be to focus on those strengths and skills that are applicable to the job you're applying for. That gets you in the door. Anything else can be covered as talking points in your interview.