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What are some concrete techniques can college students utilize in order to alleviate stress?

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Jennifer’s Answer


It certainly is difficult to find time for yourself if you have a lot on your plate. What I would recommend to keep stress levels low is make daily To- Do Lists to ensure you are accomplishing the small set goals.

Try to ensure you are eating and sleeping well. Along with keeping focus with task lists, daily reminders, set time frames for big projects to make sure you allocate sufficient time so you don't feel overwhelmed.  From personal experience, I would suggest to make it a point to schedule time for yourself. Maybe you have a spare hour to go for a walk, or go treat yourself to lunch or a movie. You have to commit to yourself that after working so hard all week with your responsibilities, that you do take some dedicated time for yourself.

Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Updated Jersey City, New Jersey

Following are the techniques which you can apply:

  1. Create your to-do list. It can be daily or weekly.
  2. Allot time and set google calendar.
  3. Try to study 2 subjects for a week or some days depends upon your speed.
  4. Make self notes. That’s the best way to learn and it reduces stress at the time of exam because it is easier to revise when it is written by us.
  5. Don’t do multi-tasking. Stay focused on one thing at a time.
  6. Don’t compare your speed with others. As thats the major source of stress. “Just remember even in the story of a turtle and a rabit, it was turtle who won”.
  7. Give break time after completion of your task. As it’s must. Try to be out of your room, go in fresh air, talk to someone at home or do anything you love to do. But remember don’t drain your mind with gadgets.
  8. Eat on time.
  9. Sleep on time.
  10. Don't push yourself if you can’t meet the deadline. Take it easy try to do it next time.

All the best!

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