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How to handle life in general

Asked Chicago, Illinois

Im too busy with everything going on for college? what to do.

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Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas


That is the eternal question! I retired and thought I'd enjoy life, but my aging parents are taking a lot of my time! We all have something going on. It seems there is always drama. I'm not sure what all you have happening in your life, so it is really hard to give suggestions. We don't need the play-by-play, but a little more detail would help. Are you working to help support your parents and siblings? Enjoying the dating scene? what? There are usually ways to work around things. On-line classes might be one of them, so you can do school at times that works for you. But you would still need to set aside time to do your schoolwork! Please give us some more info!

Jennifer’s Answer


I wish I had the answer, as I'm sure most people often have the same question. Life is full of unexpected, on top of daily stressors from your job, school, or family. Life is all about reaction. When I am stressed from work, home, etc, I make sure to take some time out of my week to go outside an enjoy a walk, to watch a television show I enjoy, something to de-compress.  A suggestion is to try To-Do lists, getting all your daily tasks jotted down so you can cross them out and feel more in control and accomplished throughout the day.

Hope that helps, good luck!