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Should I do a double major in Criminal Justice & Anthropology?

Hi I'm starting college in a few weeks and i' m
Interested in the fields of Anthropology and Criminal Justice.

I was wouldn't if it's a good Idea to do a Double major for the both of them?

Lol Maybe I should reword this better? #college #criminal-justice #college-major #anthropology

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Arianna’s Answer

Hello Melissa,

Great question! Students choose to double major usually for two reasons. One, in order to compliment their first major and focus on one particular area. The other reason is that students choose one major to be their "primary" major and the other major can be a major that teaches them additional skills that can be applied in the workplace.

Since you want to do criminal anthropology (which I am thinking you probably are referring to forensic anthropology, or even medical anthropology) both majors compliment themselves very well. Double majoring can be good for a student to do, but it can be intensive as well. I encourage you to review the degree requirements for both majors before you decide to double major. When I was in college I double majored in Anthropology and Religion, but I did not declare my second major until my third semester. I used my first year as an adjustment year. Adjustment in the sense of getting used to college, and finding a course load that worked for me. By my third semester I knew what I wanted to do with my Anthropology degree and I had also started taking some Religion classes. For me it was the best time to declare the second major. I don't advise nor do I encourage you to declare your second major right away.

Hope this helps, and good luck!



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