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What kind of internship opportunities should I look into if I am going into geological sciences?

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3 answers

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Ligia’s Answer

Hello Alyson,

Yes, times are tough in the Oil & Gas business right now. In case you're interested in working with Oil and Gas check it out also the Operators, like BP, Shell, Hess, etc. These companies normally offers positions more specific within geology. However, you can take a look into different fields, such as hydrogeology, environmental geology companies ( there is a ton of consulting firms you can check it out online), and in case you enjoy going to the field you can check it out "NPS Geoscientists-in-the-Parks (GIP) Program", which I think it might be a very interesting opportunity as well.

I would highly suggest you to keep an eye open for Career Fairs, talk to some of your Professors (they might have a contact in a company) and keep an updated resume and LinkedIn profile.

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Dave’s Answer

I would look to oil field service companies like Halliburton. Times are tough in the oil patch right now, so be patient. Mining companies in the gold or rare earth metals are hot as well.

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Snehal’s Answer

Hi Alyson,
I am post graduate with Geology subject. Geological Science is very interesting field. There are many branches for internship like Remote Sensing, Minerology & Rocks, Oil & Natural Gas, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Palaeontology, Oceanography etc. So according to your interest & career you have to select one branch . According to me remote sensing is good option because there is no field work.