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What are some benefits of going to a college/university close to you rather than one far away?

I'm a high school freshman and I'm starting to think about college. I know some people like to go out of state and some want to stay close by. What are the benefits of going to a college close by rather than far away? #college #university

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2 answers

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Natalia’s Answer

Hi Kara!
I go to a school 3,000 miles away from my family so I figured I might be able to answer this! Usually, if you go to a school close to your home, you'll be an in state student which means that tuition will be significantly cheaper than it would be if you decide to go out of state. It also depends on how far away you choose to go if you have a lot of time with your family. For example, my first year roommate's parents lived two hours away and she could go home every other weekend, while I was a 6 hour plane ride away from home and only went home twice during the school year! If you feel as though you'd really need that in person family support I'd definitely suggest staying close to home. This is especially helpful when you have to move in and out of dorms, as its much easier to put everything in a car and drive than to have to worry about luggage on a plane. If you plan on keeping your car from high school and using it in college it'll also be much easier to be in state as you can just drive it to school rather than having it sent out (which can be very very expensive!). Overall, it's all up to you but these are some benefits I found myself without when I went to an out of state school. But if you love the school (Like I do!) it may all be worth it!

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Nikita’s Answer

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I personally left home to go to school because I enjoy the big city. I also left to study fashion design because at the time, the city that I lived in didn't offer the program. The best way I can answer your question is to ask you, What do you want to study? Does the city or town that you live in offer that program? If so, really consider going to school close to home. You can stay at home and travel to school if the school is close enough. You can also save a lot of money for food, clothes, supplies, fun with your friends, etc. Now if the area where you live doesn't have the field that you want to study, maybe you can consider going to a community college to study your general studies and later on, if you choose to, you can go to a school a little farther away that has your field of study. You may or may not have as much privacy as you would like, depending on who you live with but you can also get a studio apartment to live on your own, even if you do choose to stay close to home for school. No matter what, you're going to need money so as soon as you can, try to work a summer job or a part time job so you can save some money. It will all help out in the end. I wish you the best and I hope that my answer to your question was very helpful. Take care.