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How can I transfer to a 4 year college after I complete 2 years of community college?

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I wish to transfer to another college after I complete two years of community college in order to save costs. #community-college

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I would consult the admissions office / academic adviser by setting up an appointment, and have the specific classes ( with their descriptions and codes ready) of the ones you have taken/are taking / plan to take. At the appointment, they will go over which will transfer based on the flowchart for the major you are transferring into. I would download a copy of that degree flow chart of the 4-yr college, often found on the specific majors' main page as "flowchart" or something along that line. Compare what they have and what you have beforehand. Try to save, or download, as many of the previous / current class syllabus you have as they sometimes ask for them. Most in-state community college credits will transfer within your current state from my experience. There may be a few re-take courses for example because of higher math involved. If you cannot visit the location, then you absolutely have to find the flowchart because they will ask what you have already taken and they will ask for an official copy of your current transcript. It does not have to be a complete one in order to transfer. You can usually send copies of your transcript online, even while in school/during the semester. Last recommendation is to have a copy of your transcript, the latest one, emailed to yourself and printed out. Hope that helps. If you complete your degree, it's simple because you did the hard work and whatever transfers will be discussed with an academic adviser.