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Are there any grants available for dislocated homemakers?

I am recently divorced after 23 years and never worked a day in my adult life. I am going to school but have limited funds. #college #financial-aid #grant-writing #college-tuition

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2 answers

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Jill’s Answer

I'd ask about grants with the school you are attending. Another option is to take a job at a company your are interested in being at after school and see if they have some tuition reimbursement programs available. Lots of companies offer to pay part or all of your tuition based on your grade - up to a certain cap. But it's usually a few thousand dollars that you could look at as a grant.

Another thought is working with a staffing agency like Manpower to get work. They offer programs to help you finish your degree. Stick with it!! Good luck!

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Kim’s Answer


Check with your state workforce office. Each state is different, but, there should be some programs under WIOA - the Workforce Innovative Opportunities Act. And that's exactly what it's called - dislocated homemaker - so it sounds like you've already been doing your research! Be ambitious and cooperative, do whatever they ask of you as far as classes, assessments, etc.

Do you have an idea of what you would like to do?