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What colleges should I go if I want to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon?

I want to become a heart surgeon. #surgeon #doctor #healthcare #cardiology #medicine

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2 answers

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Suman’s Answer

If by college you mean undergraduate (4 year) university, then the answer is simply the best one you can go to! The "official" decision to be a surgeon will not be made as an undergraduate. It will be made in medical school (next step), and even then that mostly means deciding to apply to a surgery residency, which is yet another step. Undergrad is still a few steps back. Academically speaking, the most important thing is to go to a good university and get the best grades and MCAT scores you can.

It is true that some undergraduate universities are associated with medical centers (for example, Stanford). So if you are really sure you want to be a surgeon of some type, you could try to target an undergrad school that is paired with a medical institution, which might allow you to do surgery/medical research as an undergraduate. That being said, this is *not* something you should worry too much about.

Good luck!

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Richard’s Answer

Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Pennsylvania
Case Western Reserve
University of Minnesota