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How do i become a event planner for party's at clubs?

Asked San Francisco, California

I am 16 years old and i think being an event planner would be a good learning skill and it brings a lot of money in , i could travel the world. #event-planning #night-clubs

2 answers

Bill’s Answer

Updated Newark, Delaware

Hi Micah, Great question about a field I consider an excellent career choice, event planner! Like you probably are, I am always fascinated about "what goes on behind the scenes" at events that I attend. If your school has open houses for incoming students - an event I volunteered at while working at a University, contact the organizers to see about getting involved, the logistics and collaboration required to put on a successfull open house are amazing. Also, if your school presents plays, concerts, readings, etc., again contact the organizers to get involved. If there are local parades, art events, street fairs, etc., these could be other varied events to get involved with. Hope this helps and very best of luck to you!

Laura Rose’s Answer

Updated Haslet, Texas

Event planning does not necessarily bring in a lot of money. it depends on why you are holding the event and where the money is going to. It is definitely a good skill to have because it means juggling a lot of moving parts and working with lots of different people. It is a lot of work. I would try it out before deciding for sure. Working at a club also means you'll be up till the wee hours of the morning and have to deal with a lot of drunk people-not that fun!!