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Is it beneficial to pair a major in film with a business double major or minor?

Would it substantially increase my future career opportunities by majoring or minoring in business along with film? Would a more practical major such as business serve as a safety net or provide more options for my career in the future? Is it worth the extra courseload? #film #businessandfilm #business

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5 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

Hi Emma - I think it would depend greatly on what you would want to do with each major. If you want to work on the business side of the industry, it could definitely be a benefit. If you are pursuing a more creative endeavor and would get it as a backup plan, it may not be as worthwhile unless you would pursue it with passion.

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Taylor’s Answer

In short, yes, I think that would be beneficial.

Pairing film studies with business (finance, marketing, accounting, and business law) will provide an advantage relative to peers with solely the creative and technical skills within film.

Even if you have a clear path ahead of you for breaking into the film industry, it will likely help your future earnings potential in addition to the "safety net" you mentioned. If you don't enter the film business directly, you could potentially enter the industry from the business side and get into the film side from "going through the back door" rather than applying to work directly in a role in film.

Let me know if I'm on the right track here relative to your goals!

Taylor recommends the following next steps:

Come up with a plan of attack to entering the film business.
Find out what other jobs you could take in the industry if you added a business degree.
Start networking with those already in the industry and asking questions about what skillsets are currently needed most and listen to the advice of those already in the business.
Come back on here and let us know what you learn and how else we can help.

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Tish’s Answer

I like the idea of a minor in Business. A business degree, whether it is a major or minor is beneficial in all things you do because it gives you a perspective on how to deliver the "service" you will be providing and manage your affairs as you develop in your career and success. The Business minor provide you with a foundation that you can build your career.

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Jordan’s Answer

I wish I had a business degree, but feel making Films is the best way to really learn. In this era of readily available film tools and even crew & editing, learning is as close as YouTube and Best Buy. A business acumen, however, is still Best learned at a college. Good luck & make something!!

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Daniel A.’s Answer

Emma, I definitely don't think it would hurt to consider business as a minor. Business is a great thing to have in your pocket and will only benefit you in your future. Minors show people that yes, you are really great and love one subject - film, but also shows that your minor - business, is also something you are interested in and enjoy. Business is something important to understand, even if you don't pursue "business".

Congrats on your next steps!