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stuck between business and film majors

I'm struggling with what I want to major/study. I enjoy business and I really enjoy film. Should I pursue business major and a film minor? but I've heard those two studies are practically useless and I suppose the odds of succeeding are low. Economics is more in demand but I don't think I can keep up with a film minor on top of that. college-major college business film

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4 answers

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Meraf’s Answer

Hello Munira,

In every occupation and career field you will see that people can either do really well or find themselves in a position where they render their prior education useless. You mentioned that you've heard that those two studies are practically useless but as you probably know, businessmen and women especially when working for larger multimillion companies are actually quite successful. Similarly, we see just how successful and money-generating film making can be especially with a strong backstory and execution. I would advise that you do what makes you happy and not listen to the opinion of other people because when you do what you love, you are more likely to be successful because you are doing it with heart.
When you go to college, theres actually many ways to double major even aside from majoring in one and minoring in the other. This would be considered a dual degree, you just have to double check with the universities you would be applying to if this is something that they would offer.
Hope this helps a bit!

Thank you so much!! Munira A.

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Laura’s Answer

I think the key is to pursue the path that will leave you with the greatest availability of options. Your tastes can and probably will change, particularly as you start diving into your studies in a particular subject and meeting new classmates who will also impact your perspective.

I LOVE economics and got a BA and MA in applied economics because it has that direct application to understanding the world around me that I crave. You may find the same. That said, I was only briefly an economist before realizing I would have to become a very narrow specialist to continue growing in that field, which would hurt my future availability of options (see the pattern?) to stay more generalist.

The world runs on business and a degree that teaches you the basics of finance, accounting, and management will likely leave you with the most options for the real world. I agree with a lot of the other responses: school can be of little relevance later on, but the initial opportunities you take are what can determine a lot of the trajectory in reaching your evolving goals. Having a broad base of practical skills will put you at an advantage that you can customize to fit your specific interests and narrative therein.

Do film as a minor. I know you love it, and this will allow you to keep it close to your heart, but college is an investment in your future career and you want to give yourself the freedom to pursue what you need to, as well as what you may want to. (Honestly, my biggest regret is not having minored in CS/EE.)
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Brian’s Answer

My advice is to try to strike the balance between focusing on where your interests lie and being well rounded and fungible. So perhaps a double major is an approach to consider if you can manage it. The second point I would note is that I have had the privilege of working with many successful individuals who have majored in university disciplines that have no correlation to their career field. Best of luck!
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Kamron’s Answer


My advice to you is to not listen to what others say. There is a common perception of business majors being useless because a lot of people have them or it's too broad, but you can find people with any degree that became a millionaire or didn't even use their major. I believe business majors are useful because you can learn how to implement a lot of the things they teach you into any field. Marketing and advertising classes will teach you important things if you look to have your own film company or even be able to promote your own work.

I will also tell you to follow your passions. You will be the one having to take these classes and put in the work, so you might as well go with something you like! If film is your passion and you are just slightly interested in business, do a film major and then possibly business! And vise versa.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors.