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Do you take extra classes to minor in something?

I'm confused about the whole major/minor thing. Do you get a minor from select classes you're taking or do you have to take extras. Are minors required? I want my Bachelors in International business and an Associates in Communications. Does this mean I'm minoring in Communications? #college-minor #college-bound

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Angela’s Answer

Great question! College can be a bit confusing to navigate. I don't know where you are attending, so my information will just be in general terms. A minor is something you can choose to declare to supplement your education. At most schools you need to declare the minor, and minors tend to be 15-18 credits that are specific towards that minor. For instance, if you were to minor in Spanish, you would take those Spanish classes required for the minor. A minor is not required, and can be something that you feel will benefit you when searching for a job, or it can simply be something you want to learn more about.

Depending on how the curriculum is set up, a minor may mean you need to take extra classes or stay an extra semester to complete the requirements.

If you work to receive both an associates degree and a bachelors degree, that means you have two degrees. An associates degree is like an intermediate step towards a bachelors degree and usually takes about two years to complete, whereas the bachelors degree takes about four years.

Hope this helps!

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