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How does the Major you choose affect you in the long run,

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Choosing a major is a very important choice when entering college. How does the major you choose in the beginning help you on your career path. #college #teacher #student #graduate #college-bound #majors #counselor #college-minor

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Great question! Look at it this way, "Education is always a GOOD thing!" So even if you don't select the best major for what you end up doing in the long run, you're still the better for it! But let's consider your question from this angle: What interests you, what do you enjoy doing, and care about? Technology, Medical, Politics, Music, Athletics, helping people, writing professionally, traveling/reporting, Finance? That's how I recommend going about selecting your major, because studying within the area you're interested in and care about will provide the best path for your success and fulfillment. Hope this helps :-)