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How Do I Manage my Time as a Non-Traditional Student?


I’m a non-traditional transfer student who is going from a full-time job to attending school full-time. Do you have any pointers on how I can manage my time better? I’ve been struggling for a while.

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Austin’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Hi Tee,

Great question. Balancing time and adopting time management strategies isn't the easiest thing to do, but your life will be much much better if you do adopt these strategies as your life will be much better and more enjoyable because of it. Below are some tips which should help you out and ensure that you have a more balanced and manageable time in college.


Procrastination is oh so tempting but oh so dangerous at the same time. It may seem tempting to put things off for a later date, but this is a trap that will lead to tears and long nights in the library. Start an assignment as soon as you get it as the sooner you start, the sooner you will be done with it which allows you to do other things with your time. Look at your class syllabus to see when there are readings, assignments, and essays due and start them early; this will allow you to stay on top of things, be organized, and will ensure better use of your time.


Your professors are your friends and they do not want to see you fail and spiral, if you are having trouble with an assignment and need help be sure to tell your professor and explain to them what your situation is. If you tell your professor that you work full time and don't have time similar to other students they may give you an extension, who knows. I have found professors to be very understanding and accommodating of many students and you don't lose anything by trying.

Study Groups:

Study groups are a great way to study as 2+ minds are always better than 1. People think and learn in different ways and being in a group to learn from people is very advantageous. Your fellow students may explain things in a way that makes more sense than when your professor explains the same concept. Groups, so long as they are not too big, are a good way to tackle studying as people often understand different concept and having all these varied strengths and mindsets helps you out directly. It is always easier to not be alone so I would suggest getting involved in study groups as frequently as you can.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!