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Is becoming a Registered Nurse bad or good?

Asked Avondale, Arizona

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Patricia’s Answer

Updated Huntington, West Virginia

Becoming a Nurse is a GOOD thing. It is a fun program and you work very hard. There are lots of demands on your time so you have to prioritize (friends come last). Pre-study though is my suggestion and get use to the terminology. You will be so glad you did. From the Nursing Program I get letters in the mail about SIGN ON BONUS, paying off SCHOOL LOANS and the such. It is wonderful..I went on line to get some of the perts: 

   1. Jobs are increasing. ...

   2. There are continuous education opportunities. ...

   3. It offers job flexibility. ...

   4. You can stay active. ...

   5. It provides a positive perspective on life. ...

   6. There are opportunities for advancement and specialization. ...

   7. There is exciting earning potential. ...

The last pert is wonderful. Become all that you can be..endeavor to put all of your time and energy into the program. When you graduate and your family/friends see those Honor Cords around your neck you will be so glad you did. Your employer will be glad also. There is no down side to Nursing or the Nursing Program. You will always be rewarded for your efforts and hard work.


Jonathon’s Answer

Updated Lancaster, South Carolina

While I do not have experience specific to the medical field I was raised in a home with a mother who has been a nurse since I was little. So I have been in around nurses since I was young due to my mothers job as a nurse. She has had much success in the field of nursing. She started out as an R.N. worked her way to becoming a D.O.N and is now currently a Healthcare Administrator at a Assisted living facility. She has assisted in many different nursing homes in my particular area. In addition she has also had opportunities to help open up retirement homes due to her knowledge. So in my opinion becoming a registered nurse is not a bad thing at all. It takes someone with a heart of gold to do a nurses job and nurses are very special people. Always remember no matter what you do the sky is the limit.

Jonathon recommends the following next steps:

  • Set up a sit down with a nurse to go over job responsibilities, personal experience, and any other questions you may have.

Olivia’s Answer

Updated Huntsville, Alabama

It's a lot of hard work, and requires dedication, but it can be very rewarding, and by helping people there is a great sense of accomplishment. I feel it's a very valued career, and beyond "good". People are always going to get sick, so there is job security for sure. If your heart is in it, I would absolutely say go for it. Study hard and stay focused and it will pay off.

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