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Would it be best to focus on an area of American history to be able to get a job at a museum or historic site in the US, or can I still study other areas of history, such as ancient civilizations or the Renaissance in Europe?

I really enjoy learning about ancient and European history more, but I figure that if I am looking for a job in the US at a historic site or museum, I would need more of an American history background. I don't know what kind of jobs would be available to someone with a focus on ancient civilizations or Renaissance. #history #museum #ancient #renaissance

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Martina’s Answer

In some cases a specialization in European history or ancient civilizations is necessary, particularly at art museums in the United States. What is most important to employability in the museum field is adaptability. My specialty is African American history but I have divers experience in textile history, integrated pest management and other fields including European history. I look to my research, writing, and interpretation skills as keys to my employability using those as my base to study and learn other types of history. Hope this helps answer your question.

Martina recommends the following next steps:

Internships are a great way to learn new skills while exploring your options in the museum field.
Graduate school is the next step after your undergraduate degree as most museum required post graduate education.
Find a mentor in the museum field to seek advice from.

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