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How can I study abroad with a Neuroscience major?

All of my classes are going to be very science based and I'm not sure how I could fit Studying Abroad into my schedule since the country I want to go to does offer very many science courses through my schools program. #study-abroad #neuroscience

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2 answers

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Leah’s Answer

Hi Emily,

This is a great question! International Studies Abroad (ISA) is an independent company that facilitates study abroad programs for college students across the US. If a full semester does not fit into your schedule given the intensive Neuroscience course-load, consider enrolling in a one-month summer class abroad.

Some study-abroad classes offered have a sciences focus, or you could choose an elective program outside of your major.


Before applying, check that the credits from the summer program will transfer to your home University.

Check out the full Summer 2019 Program Catalog to see if anything sparks your interest:


The application deadline for most 2019 programs has since passed but the application deadline for summer 2020 study-abroad programs is April 2020, allowing plenty of time to figure out logistics!

I studied abroad in college (Rome, Italy) and it was hands-down the best decision I made!

Well wishes,


Leah recommends the following next steps:

Research International Summer Programs
Pick your Program (location, course(s), housing, value)
Talk to your University
Apply Online

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Gabriella’s Answer

Hi Emily,

I would suggest looking into a summer Study Abroad program. Maybe take that summer to be a bit of a lighter load, class-wise and enjoy the time spent abroad learning about neuroscience. I have a friend who spent a few weeks of summer in France for one of his neuro courses. He got to see the old drawings from Golgi and they were beautiful! It will be a great experience and it will be ok to take a lighter summer.