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Madison Aug 16, 2018 438 views

What organizations should I join to enhance my portfolio to apply to graduate program in veterinary medicine.


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Emily May 21, 2018 576 views

How can I study abroad with a Neuroscience major?

All of my classes are going to be very science based and I'm not sure how I could fit Studying Abroad into my schedule since the country I want to go to does offer very many science courses through my schools program. #study-abroad #neuroscience

Kim’s Avatar
Kim Jan 22, 2018 624 views

What do you need to apply to schools outside of your country?

I want to consider going to school outside the country just to do a little exploring and I want to see new places. #livelife #study-abroad #international-student #college-applications

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Jerome Jul 09, 2018 971 views

How do I apply for study abroad if I don't go to a school that offers it?

-Very Curious

#study-abroad #international #college #college-advising #travel #studying-abroad