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What organizations should I join to enhance my portfolio to apply to graduate program in veterinary medicine.

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2 answers

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Leah’s Answer

To enhance your portfolio, consider gaining experience with a wide variety of animals, shadowing Veterinarians, volunteering at zoos or places with exotic animals, or getting involved with farm animals. As you apply to graduate programs in veterinary medicine, these experiences will help you stand out and show your dedication to the field of study.

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Mallory’s Answer

I have several friends who majored in Veterinary Science and they got involved by joining the service dog organizations on campus where you can either train a dog of your own or act as a sitter for the dogs whenever the trainers need to go to class or work. In addition, you can get some experience by volunteering at a local shelter or humane society. Lastly, I would say you should look for opportunities in the area. I am from Kentucky which is known for horses and my roommate freshman year of college found a job taking care of the horses on a local horse farm and she got experience delivering foals!