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What do you need to apply to schools outside of your country?

I want to consider going to school outside the country just to do a little exploring and I want to see new places. #livelife #study-abroad #international-student #college-applications

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2 answers

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Leah’s Answer

Hi Kim!

Have you considered applying to colleges in the US and then doing a study-abroad semester or two? This is a great option that would allow you to transition into college-life while studying in the familiarity of the US, then when you have your bearings, you can apply for a study abroad college semester practically anywhere in the world. Another benefit is that you could do multiple study abroad semesters in different locations - say one in Europe and one in Asia, allowing you to explore very different continents. [Tip: Be sure to talk to your home University to ensure all credits from study-abroad classes will transfer.]

If your heart is set on spending your entire college years internationally, this is also an option! You can apply to international universities directly. Check out American University of Rome's admissions page for more information on how this works: https://aur.edu/admissions-finance

Adventure awaits. Good Luck!

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Gwenola’s Answer

what a fantastic idea! You probably need to ask yourself "what for", and "what do I don't want" and that would help you with the next steps. For example, is the English language a mandate or would you feel at ease in any country or culture? What about the climate? Do you want to discover new people and also study at the same time, perhaps the subjects and program need to be relevant for your future years in college. Some universities in the US partner with colleges and uni abroad, if you look at their websites that could be a nice start. Some curriculum offer Bachelors with 1 full year abroad.