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Which is the most challenging part of studying an undergraduate degree on education at the United States?

I am an international student who's dream is to study education at the United States, and I would like to know more about the challenges students can face while studying a degree on education so I can compare the differences among studying at my country and studying at the United States.
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2 answers

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Pam’s Answer

As an International student myself during my undergraduate course in the U.S. one of the most difficult things is indeed trying to find scholarships and funding to pay for my education and be able to assist my parents with that. I was fortunate enough that I got a scholarship for the institution I graduated from and also found an on-campus job to help me with my personal expenses such as school supplies and books. But my advice overall is always on the lookout for those opportunities that can help you with funding and do not be afraid to contact individuals in the schools you are interested in applying and asking questions about their international student population, scholarship opportunities, and more.

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Paulina,

The most challenging part of obtaining bachelors degree is to find ways to pay for the tuition or obtain a scholarship and also to gather work experience in this area. I would look at schools that attract international students and offer both need based and merit scholarships. Also, it is very difficult to obtain a work permit to work outside the campus of the university so you should investigate how to find work during and/or after school.

Good luck!