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How can an undergrad cope with huge biological terms being used in a medical field and also get acquainted with seeing blood?

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Like getting to know the kinds of diseases, viruses and bacteria, their cure and the names of pills, and other related items. #biologist #medicaldoctor #medicine

2 answers

Christine’s Answer


I think the more you are exposed to blood/trauma, the more you get used to it. I found that the more I learned about medicine and human body, the more I was able to tolerate seeing these things without feeling uncomfortable. I could better understand what was occurring and have less of an emotional reaction.

Hwal’s Answer



I think that as a PA student, I can relate to your concerns about learning medical/biological terms, but perhaps not about seeing blood! What are you studying or thinking of studying? For me, because I'm genuinely interested in medicine and science, learning the terms, although challenging, can be achievable with effort. As for blood, make sure you know whether or not you feel comfortable seeing or working with blood.

Good luck!