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How do you maintain your time when you are taking 19 credits and have leadership rolls in 3 different organizations?

Asked Daytona Beach, Florida


I am taking class from 5 am-1pm straight and have another class from 6:30 pm next semester. Also I was elected to be a representative of my college in Student Government Association. Top of that, I have a leadership roll in my sorority and I am a treasurer in another organization. I don't know how to maintain my GPA and use my time efficiently.

1 answer

Jared’s Answer


Hi Urara, great question. In order to manage your time efficiently and effectively, you'll need to stay organized, and have a place (calendar, notebook, dry erase board, etc) where you can track all of the things you need to do so A) you don't forget, and B) you know when and where you need to be and what you need to do. All of that is important, but personally, the thing that helps me the most is spending a few minutes each day (even if it feels like you don't have time) to gather yourself and think about all you have to do and plan it out. This always calms me down and makes me feel less stressed - and helps me stay focused on one thing at a time when I can. This won't magically create more time (nothing will) but it will keep your stress lower, which is important.