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who long does it take to complete a engineering course for robotic engineering?

how long will it take #classes #boss

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Daniela’s Answer

Hello Mitchell,

Robotics technicians begin training by enrolling in a 2-year robotics technology degree program at a technical or vocational college to earn their associate's degree in robotics technology. Coursework focuses on applying precise mathematical applications to create and program electronic, mechanical and hydraulic systems. Robotics engineers are required to have a bachelor's degree in engineering. Although the positions perform related tasks, engineers perform duties that are more complex and are expected to have a greater understanding of robotic systems and mechanical engineering.

Program Levels: Associate of Science in Robotics Technology, Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Prerequisites: High school diploma or equivalent
Program Length: Associate's degree, 2 years. Bachelor's degree, 4 years.

Robotics technicians and engineers are not required to be licensed or certified, but may volunteer to take two exams to obtain IBM Certified Specialist for Rational Test Management and Robot Certification, which tests the applicant's knowledge of Rational Robot, Rational TestManager and Rational Administrator calibration and evaluation programs. Students may desire to continue to an advanced degree for more opportunities in supervisory or research-based positions.

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