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College Tips for Freshman?

Is there any tips that can be helpful for any high school student to know before going into college. Any tips on time management, study habits, est.

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4 answers

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Ria’s Answer

There are many tips I could suggest, but the most important would be time management and knowing how to deal with stress in a healthy way. Time management is particularly important as you will have classes, clubs, homework, personal care (eating, exercising, etc.) to all fit into a single day. It is important to prioritize what you should spend your energy on which also means its okay to say no! I actually got featured in this NYT editorial piece (shameless plug) that you may find helpful - https://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/02/education/edlife/advice-for-new-students-from-those-who-know-old-students.html.

Good luck in college! The experience is what you make of it! :)

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Julieta’s Answer

A few important tips that I found useful are: keep a schedule, stay ahead of your work load and try at all cost to avoid procrastination, prioritize your daily activities (which helps with time management), join a club and find a comfortable study place (this could be a library, a coffee house or just the desk in your room), also get some exercise in (this could be anything including going for a walk, playing basketball or jumping rope). College is all about time management and staying ahead of all the things you have on your plate. With this being said it is also important for you to make time to relax and do something enjoyable (this will help with dealing with stress). The most important thing to remember is your time at college should be fun. College is a learning experience and journey!

Julieta recommends the following next steps:

Make a schedule
Have fun!

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Carolyn’s Answer

Hi Dylan,

One specific piece of advice I would suggest is getting used to using a planner or a calendar to plan your time. If you are able to develop this skill in your normal routine in high school, it will really help you manage your time once your day to day is less structured. Otherwise, be open to trying new things and taking classes which interest you in your first couple of years even if they aren't directly related to your major. These extra courses can open you up to careers you don't currently know about!

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Yamile’s Answer

I agree with all the other pieces of advice, and one more that I'd say is to always remember to stay true to yourself. Don't do something that you are uncomfortable doing (like drinking for example) just because all the people you just met are doing it, or because someone is forcing you to. As a freshman you are going to meet so many different people and you will eventually find a group of people who will become true friends. You can try to find clubs that fit your interests and you can meet people that way. College can change people, some for the worse but also for the better, so don't forget about the values and morals that you have learned as you have grown up.